6AM Club

Working out before work, soaking in some fresh air and giving myself positive energy for the day – the idea of early morning exercise sounded great. Until I realized what it really meant to be a member of the 6AM club.

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and daylight has become a rare commodity. No wonder that the idea of exercising after work isn’t exactly an attractive one.

It has become hard for me too to motivate myself. Lately, I often feel like I have  already used up my energy for the day and just can‘t get my weaker self to hit the gym or go for a run after work.

Rise and shine

So I thought why not try to wake up an extra hour earlier and work out first thing in the morning. It’d be a great start into the day and take away my daily evening struggle of whether or not I should venture out into the cold night to get some physical exercise done.

Also, I had read about the tremendous advantages early morning workouts would hold. A super-efficient pre-breakfast fat burning effect was promised and an enormous mood boost was advertised as a psychological benefit. Studies also suggested that early risers tend to be more successful and suffer less from stress.

Early morning workouts totally seemed to make sense. No one will call you or text you this early. Wherever you go (gyms, streets, the outdoors) – the place will be deserted. And you will be full of energy to take off. But most importantly, you can get the whole thing out of the way for the rest of the day.

With all these benefits, early morning workouts were totally going to be my thing, I thought. As it turns out – I was wrong.

Early morning misery

The first day of my self-imposed 6AM challenge was even canceled prior to its start. I stayed up longer than expected and knew that I couldn’t make it in the morning. Waking up early was going to be hard anyway, so I didn’t even try it with so little hours of sleep. Early bedtime was paramount for this experiment to work.

The next day, I was determined to go to bed early and rise and shine at 6AM. I was going to do an easy morning run with the sun slowly rising – in my evening head the idea seemed great.

So I got up when the alarm went off and had a look outside. It was still dark and it was freezing. My morning-me suddenly didn’t like the idea of running around in the cold anymore. If I was going to go jogging in the dark, I could just as well do it in the evening, I persuaded myself. So I went back to bed.

After only two attempts, I officially and miserably failed to become a member of the 6AM club. I thought I was quite a strong-willed person when it comes to  sports activities, but it seems that my outdoor-loving self is no early morning person either.

Misery needs company

Even so, I drew some conclusions why the morning workout didn’t work out for me. First, I should definitely find a workout partner to join my early morning mission. If I have to show up because I have a friend waiting, chances are much higher this is going to work. Also, winter isn’t the best time of the year to implement a morning routine like this. Getting up early is hell, but it is even worse when it’s dark and cold outside.

I’m still a fan of the early-morning-workout idea and I’ll keep you posted if someday I will be able to become a long-term member of the 6AM club.

Is anyone of you part of it yet?


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