Give yourself some damn credit


Why is it that we are so quick to acknowledge the achievements of others, but so slow to acknowledge our own?

I recently talked to a good friend about upcoming life changes and challenges I was afraid to face. But while I was worried, she had no doubt that everything was going to be fine. She held a speech about my qualities, reminded me of my past achievements and was convinced that I was going to do a great job.

Her enthusiasm made me realize once again that I am terribly hard on myself. That I often put the focus on the negatives instead of giving myself credit for my achievements. That I am so forgiving with others, but fail to see how far I’ve come myself.

I guess many people tend to downplay their achievements and compare themselves with others. And this world we live in doesn’t make it easy for us to feel confident. There is always someone with more degrees, better skills, more experience – whatever it is – there is always someone better than you.

But what if instead of focusing on our failures, we‘d recognize what we are doing right?

Even today, we did a million things right. We got things done. We mastered this day. We were a positive influence for the people around us.

I think reminding ourselves of our positive contributions is already half the battle.

So please go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you are. Talk back to that doubtful part of yourself and give yourself some recognition.

Also, think back and give yourself some extra credit for that one time you’ve made it when you thought you couldn’t. This is worth some extra points.

Give yourself some damn credit.

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