A blogger’s nightmare

It took me 3 months and 15 days to write this blogpost. Not because I lacked inspiration or couldn’t find the time to do it, but because I got fed up with blogging.

Plenty of fish in the sea

Blogging is something anyone can do. And clearly a lot of people are jumping on board to create their own vision of a blog. Tons of content is created every day. There probably isn’t one thought in this world that hasn’t been thought and written about before.

So why write something in the first place? So many talented people out there have written gorgeous texts. People who have important things to say. Who have much more to say than I have. Who can put things into better words than I can.

Drowning in quotes

The reason why I started this blog was to openly share bits about my life that others could relate to. I wanted to write about what I was experiencing, what I thought about it and what I, too, was learning.

At the time, I loved the idea that I could share something meaningful. That I could make somebody else see what I saw. Just like other people had made me see it before.

During the last couple of months however, my voice kind of drowned in the flood of wise words that there is out there. Blog posts, articles and social media profiles are bursting with seemingly profound quotes, texts and experiences.

And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great development that people reflect on their lives – there is a lot of inspiring stuff out there. Still, I feel like much of it is hypocrisy.

So I just got fed up

So at some point, I just got fed up. Fed up with reading meaningful words that become meaningless because they can be found everywhere. Fed up with seeing perfectly composed pictures that we all know aren’t real. Fed up with double standards. Fed up with contributing to all of this.

I felt like authenticity had been buried under piles of carefully curated pictures and smart-ass quotes that underline people’s seriousness (mine included). So I decided to give writing a break because I felt the ‘market’ was more than saturated anyway.

Room for all of us here

But here I am writing another blogpost. After months of ignoring the blogosphere, I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy writing and creating content way too much to not occasionally publish a post.

I have realized that it is important to show up – with as much authenticity and intention as possible. That this world doesn’t need more perfect quotes, but our unique stories. That there is room for all of us here.

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