The thing with expectations

Is the key to more happiness really keeping your expectations low? What can you actually expect from yourself and others? Is there something like healthy or realistic expectations?„The thing with expectations“ weiterlesen

At the speed of life

Time has been speeding by lately. In my head there was this list of things I wanted to do, see, learn and create this summer. There was supposed to be plenty of room for all of it and yet, here I am wondering where the days went. „At the speed of life“ weiterlesen


Don’t worry. This is not just another travel advice or a ‘10 places to visit in California’ article. This blogpost is to share how I personally perceived some of the places I visited in Southern California during the last couple of weeks.„Califor.Nia“ weiterlesen

Going solo

Traveling alone is intensely personal. It’s all about you figuring it out on your own. And it sure feels good – for some time.

So here I am on my first solo trip (if you don’t count my semester abroad as a trip) spending some quality time with myself. „Going solo“ weiterlesen